Monday, September 24, 2012

Musical Weekend

So I had another wonderful weeknd. I got to spend the whole weekend mostly with my host family. On Friday I went to a club with friends that is a car garage during the day and a club at night. I cannot remember the name of it but it is in Rio Vermehlo which is quite the place to be. We danced there for three hours, and they played all American Music so it was kind of fun to know all the songs. It was a pretty interesting place, there was cool art and lights and smoke everywhere, but it was a good time.
Saturday I finished my paper and was able to send it in, and then went out with my host uncle that night. he took me to see this like blues/jazz group called jamnomam. It was right on the water and the music was great, it was all open so the sky was beautiful. It was really nice and was nice to hear some Brazilian music and just chill.Here is a link to them on youtube, so you can check em out if you want.

On Sunday I went to a market in Campo Grande with my host mom and sister, as well as my host grandma. They were buyign plants, and there were tons everywhere as well as a bunch of local artists selling stuff which was pretty cool. And then we came home and my host grandma cooked the biggest lunches ever and complained that I didn´t eat enough as always. She made some really good desset aftwerwards as well that helped with all my sugar cravings. Every day on the walk home from school there is this really good cake place that I stop and buy a peiece of cake, (bolo) from. They guy knows me which is kind of sad, but hey I need my sugar.

After dessert my host uncle pulled out guitars and we all sang music, especially my little host sister who loves to belt out all kinds of songs. She loves shakira and beyonce as well as many brazilian artists. I sang Imagine by John lenin, which they all knew, and my host grandpa even recorded it! haha it was all good fun. They were very official, Isabelle even had a microphone and introduced each of us before we sang. It was nice to hang out and embrace that part of the culture. 

And now it is back to school. I didn´t have afternoon class today because I went to the federal police and reigestered in Brazil, so I am now legally in the country and can stay. I Know have a brazilian ID that I can take with me eveywhere.

Hope you all as nice of a relaxing weekend! 

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