Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ketchup on Pizza

So I have not had to eat too many weird foods here, besides there being an awful lot of meat, and not always knowing what it is. The one thing I found very strange though is that when I pizza with my host family, they put ketchup on it. Just a lot of ketchup right on top, I tried it and it kind of just makes everything taste like ketchup, I don't know why eat the pizza, haha. I guess its just one of those things though.
Another thing that is kind of strange is that they eat a lot of beans and rice, and they pour like straight flour on top. Its a courser flour, that is ground differently, not what you would use for baking, but its flour, and that was interesting.
For the most part I like a lot of the food here, everyday for lunch I get to eat out and try new food. That is when I try and eat lots of veggies, because I mostly eat pasta, rice and meat at home. So I am always craving vegetables, when I get back to the states I don't think I ever want to eat meat again. And I am in love with their fruit! It is so good, so much tropical fruit, fresh from the market everyday, and it all tastes wonderful.
All the host moms are trying to fatten us up and cook as much food as they can. My host mom is very worried, that I don't eat two helpings of everything, and says I am shy about food, but I cannot honestly eat anymore. So she resorts to feeding me lots and lots of fruit because I love it so much and I can never turn it down. They make really good juice here too, they mix the fruit and blend the fruit and it just makes really fresh ripe juice that is delicious. My host mom always laughs at me because she says I should be tired of it, but really I cannot get enough. I will turn into a fruit soon at this point :)

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