Thursday, September 6, 2012

My host family

I am so excited! Tonight I get to meet my host family! I got a picture and a letter from them last night, and it was such a sweet letter. I am going to be living in Barris Salvador, which apparently is a really nice part of the city, and nice and peaceful according to my letter. It is far from my university I believe  from looking on a map, but I am excited to be able to travel and see more the city. My host mom, Marcelle, seems very nice. She said in the letter that she is very excited to have me as part of her family and she sends a big hug. I have a host sister, who is five years old! I do not know her name but I am really excited to have a little sister here as well, and she looks so cute! I cannot wait to meet them and start my next adventure of living with a Brazilian family! I hope it all goes well! wish me luck :)

speaking of little sisters, my little sister, who is actually taller than me :) wrote me the most beautiful message this morning, that almost had me crying over our American breakfast of pancakes with mangoes and eggs. It was way too nice of her, and it was so nice to hear miles away from her. So a shout out to her, because yes I would not have her any other way and I love her the way she is! Love you oodles girlie.

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