Monday, September 17, 2012

Adventure to nowhere. . .

So this weekend besides getting down on Friday night with the whole gang, Ariel, Emily and I decided that we were going to find this one market. It is supposed to be really nice, have some really cool handcrafted stuff, and lots of good food. Well we knew the name of the place it was in, and the general direction, according to a map of Salvador. We met up in Mercado Medelo which is a nice place but very touristy. We found some good souvenir type things, tons of brazil things, and lots of hammocks. They were awesome, I want to get one before I leave! Anyways from there we started walking in what was determined to be the right direction.
  Well, about an hour later and in the middle of nowhere we decided that next time we do this we should definitely take a bus. haha We ended up just walking all the way back, and well I guess we got to walk around and see a different part of the city, although we went nowhere in particular. We ended seeing a gorgeous sunset as well over the water. There is a lower city here and an upper city, and mercado medelo is in the lower city, so we took an elevator up to the upper city and walked around there for awhile. It was a nice time to walk and see new things, and bought some delicious popcorn :) Which is one of my new favorite Portuguese words, pipoca. So a long day of some good company and some good excercise, and definitely an adventure, although we just ended up right back where we started.

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