Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lost in Salvador. . .

 Bom Dia!

      So towards the end of orientation at SIT there is something called the SIT drop off, where students are told to go somewhere in Salvador, and buy souvenirs of the experience and find our way back without help. This is why we have been taking survival Portuguese every morning here and trying to learn about how to live here and the culture. So we were put in groups of five, and my group was assigned to go to the shopping Barra, which is essentially this big shopping mall. While there we were supposed to take notes about what was going on around us, and to talk to someone in Portuguese to practice our skills.

Well we found the right bus after asking lots of people, and we were looking at a map and were sure that we would be able to find the stop for the shopping barra. Because how can you miss a big mall? But alas we rode the bus all the way to the last stop and ended up at a bus terminal far away from anything, where we started and where we were supposed to be.

This is my group looking very sad and confused and trying to read a map. It was all pretty funny, and after asking people waiting for buses for help, and the police and finally the transportation people we finally made it to the right bus. The one phrase that I now know in Portuguese is Peurto de omnibus Shoping barra? haha I guess at least I can find the mall.

But we finally made it, took lots of good notes and a picture to prove that we had made it. We had to buy something that was 7 $ or less, which was very hard in a mall. It was all very expensive and there were lots of fancy stores and expensive shoes. I ended up with a penguin pencil sharpener that was very cute, and hopefully representative of the mall.

So I survived the SIT drop off, and had a wonderful time getting lost in Salvador. I think that it gave me a little more confidence too, although I cannot really speak Portuguese people still try and help you and everyone is very nice and kind of knows that you are not going in the right direction. Overall a wonderful experience, that got me a penguin pencil sharpener, I don't think you can say that about many experiences.

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