Sunday, September 2, 2012


I made it to Salvador!

It was quite the journey, after my 10 hour plane ride to Sao Paulo, and making it through customs, my flight was delayed. So I was lost in the Sao Paulo airport and switching gates to leave for Salvador a couple times. I was just walking around showing people my boarding pass, hoping they would point me in the right direction, haha. No They were all very nice and helpful, and although they didn't speak much English and me no Portuguese we were able to communicate. So I made to Salvador, and took a taxi to the house where orientation is.

We are staying at convent, eating wonderful food, and meeting everyone and learning Portuguese. This morning I woke up at 6:30 and did yoga with some of the girls, it was already light out, and we were doing it under a mango tree. It was a really nice setting, and still early and cool. And then we had a wonderful breakfast and tried to learn some survival Portuguese for two hours. I can now ask where something is, and say a couple key phrases. Tell people my name and what I am studying. I think it will be easier to pick up once I hear it more.

This week we are not getting to go out and explore much, but I saw the beach today! Which is only 5 minutes away, and we went on a little walk to where the market is. It was nice to see a little of the city and the people, made the experience more real. I cannot wait to explore more of the city and meet even more people and just take it all in.

But I am happy to be here and have made it in one piece :)


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