Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Minha Familia de Barris

So I have now spent an entire weekend with my host family. I have met my extended family, and I have two uncles, an aunt and cousins! So much fun, and so much Portuguese. It was good though, because it helps me learn to speak no english, although sometimes it makes it very hard to communicate.

We went to an island this weekend to celebrate independence day. Apparently if you are politically involved in Brazil you go to the parade, but if not you go to the beach! The Beach is definitely more fun! And it was fun to take a ferry boat across and see Salvador from across the way. Truly paradise, and even according to my uncle. The beach was right in our back yard, we stayed at Marcelles parents house there. I have two of the sweetest grandmothers, they were always cooking me food. Wouldn't let me help with anything, and giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Marceles brother speaks English and he told me that his whole family loves me, so I guess that is good. Even though I cannot communicate well, I had a wonderful time.

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