Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey guys,

sorry it has been so long, it seems like life has just gotten crazy lately, and unfortunately I am in a place where I do not have enough internet to load photos. But from when I got to speak to you last, I have gotten the amazing Brazilian experience of going to a futbol game. I have never seen so many people so crazy. It was insane, insane is a little bit of an understatement. It was a huge crazy stadium, and there was just black and red everywhere.

The team we were rooting for is Vitoria, which stands for Victoria, all of Bahia is split between rooting for the Bahian team and Vitoria. Vitoria's colors are red and black and I thought I was prepared by wearing a black and red outfit. Only to find out that even though I was wearing the right colors, me and my friends all stood out, because we were not wearing jerseys, but it all worked out.

We cheered till we had no voices, for me literally, I lost my voice for the rest of the night. And we made some Brazilian friends that told us what was going on, since there are no announcements, or timer to show how long they have been playing. And we got to share some popcorn and water, which was pretty exciting at half time. There are not really enough seats, so we just all stood, and then sat in a mosh pit of one another, a sea of red and black. It was so much fun and I am so glad that I got to have that experience, futbol is such a huge part of life here.

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