Thursday, November 8, 2012


So the end of the semester has come, I cannot even believe it. I have taken my Portuguese final, and turned in my last assignments, and now we are off to our excursions for the end of the year before I enter the research part of my semester. We are going to Remanso, Iuna for a day, Lencois, and Ihlius. Remanso and Iuna are very rural villages, that live in poverty so that we can experience a home stay in that type of environment and compare and contrast.

We stayed in a hotel in Lencois, all together, I have two lovely roomies :) And we got to have two free days, which was really nice. We took full advantage of the nature and went on hikes both days. The first day we went on a guided hike, where we got to go up mountains, snorkling and exploring through caves, as well as visiting and jumping off of waterfalls. We it wasn't quite jumping off of the waterfall, but I got to jump around 30ft off of a cliff into water, it was so much fun.

I am a little scared of caves, since I am claustrophobic, but it was a pretty cool experience. I got to snorkel for the first time which was fun. And half way through the cave, we stop swimming turn off our lights, and have a minute of silence, it was so freaky. I did not know that happened when I got myself into this. but I got to see some cool fish and caves as well, so it made up for it.

It was so nice to see so much nature since we have been just living and experiencing the city lately, and I was getting a little tired of all the noise, and sounds and people. It is a nice time to relax and chill out before I head out to do research on my own.

I will try and post pics soon! they are gorgeous. Brazil has more to offer than just beautiful beaches :)

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