Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reserva do Joquiera

I went to the Reservation today, Reserva do Joquiera. There are 30 different Pataxo communities, in four different cities I learned today. It was a lot of fun to go to this one though, because we live really close to it, and all the people I met there were related to my host mom. I was like part of the family. She showed me around with her two year old son. we went in the old huts, and shot bow and arrows, (me very poorly) and danced as well.

Most of what they do, and what they wear is for tourism, but it was a very relaxed atmosphere and peaceful. It is in the middle of the forrest and a river was close by. some people do still live in mud huts there. We made lunch in a big one, that was the kitchen where they cooked by putting pots right in a fire, which was pretty cool. They have these huge leaves as well, that they wrap fish in and cook with them. so they still keep some old traditions and ways, plus some running water and toilets. It was fun to see though and I spent the whole day there.

Monday I am going back to interview a spiritual healer, and will have breakfast with them, so that should be interesting. I interviewd the local healer here, a peje, who told me that America was crazy and that I should get an indian boyfriend here! haha He has been to America, the white house he said, he is a big fan of obama. He was really interesting and fun to talk too. Hope you all are having wonderful weekends as well!

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