Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Porto Seguro

I made it! I traveled by myself on bus for 12 hours, and then met my new host family and new town. I am actually near porto seguro in a town called Corea Vermehla. It is where the Pataxo´ Indian reservation is located, and where I will be conducting my independent research.

I love my new host family they are so sweet to me, and fattening me up, it seems it is the only for Brazilian mothers to know you are happy, if you eat more food. My host mom dad have been together for three years, and they have a two year old son. My host mom and her family, sisters in law and friends are all around my age, so I have lots of girls to hang with. I have watched a scary movie with her, we stayed up late in suspense, I didn]t think it would be as scary in Portuguese but I was surprised. We also sat down and watched Twilight, breaking daw part one together. That was fun because they honeymoon in Rio and we bonded over boys and music from the movie.

While I conduct my reaserch, my advisor lives in our backyard, and we are constantly goign between houses. my 2 year old brother, and a 4 year old named lana are always running about, and people are always in and out of our house. I am always switching between the two. Watching TV with them, picking fruit, and learning about tea. The other day they were making purses and I got to help out a little, it has been a long time since I have done any sewing by hand, so that was fun. So it is always an adventure here.

I have also started drinking coffee they all have it all the time, and so I decided I would go along. The kids even drink with lots of milk, like me. So a lot of new firsts for me. As well as trying to conduct reasearch in anoteher langauge, well at least I have met some interesting people, and they are all really willing to help out and are willing to talk to me even though they cannot understand me. haha

I am sure I will have more interesting stories to tell as the week goes on!


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