Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy thanksgiving!. . a little late

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! It was weird being away from home for this holiday, especially since I didn]t do anything at all to celebrate it. I told my grandmother it here it was the holiday of thankyous, and that people stay in their house and eat a lot of food. haha she laughed at that, and then just fed me more food. Here people love feeding me, I thought I was eating a lot of food in Salvador, I was wrong, I eat way more food here. They all mean well though and I think it is a sign that they like me.

Today I tried Crab and that was a little diffincult. I don]t really like eating a ton of meet, especially when it has hairy legs, and it looks like its eyes are staring up at me. but I pulled off its legs, and just jumped into it. they all laughed at me when I asked how to eat it. They tried to show me, I am really bad at it though, you have to suck out the meat, and it wasn]t working when I did it, so they were trying to show me. It all just ended with me not being able to do, lots of laughs, and the morter and pestle brought out so I could smash the crab open to eat it.

I am having a lot of fun here, learning lots of new things. And since I only hear portuguese most of the time, it has improved. They don]t always understand what I am trying to say, but I understand a lot more than I used too. I watched the movie Rio today with my family. The animated film with the birds, it was really cute. It was cool to watch in Portuguese, because it takes place in brazil, and that is what they are supposed to be speaking.

My reasearch is going well. I have conducted 6 interviews, and as of now, only have one more person  I can interview, and then the writing begans. I will stay here in Corea Vermehla though and write. It should be fun to explore it a little more and at some point hopefully make it into porto seguro. Hope you all are doning well! I am envious of those thanksgiving leftovers!

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