Thursday, November 8, 2012


Even though I only got to spend one day with the people in the village of Iuna, it was a wonderful day full of so many things. They were so welcoming and forthcoming, even though they do not have a lot themselves, they cooked us a huge delicious lunch and gave us a snack before we got on the bus to head to Remanso.

They played music for us, and we danced throughout the village to the school. We met the kids that go there, and as typical of Brazil danced samba for an hour to celebrate our arrival. It was so much fun, and even more fun to dance with the kids.

Then we separated and went to different houses for lunch. I was in a group of five and went to the a ladies house who was so sweet. She made us so much wonderful, and so many veggies!! I was so excited to see so many wonderful vegetable things :) haha I am struggling with all the meat intake, but all of the food has been so delicious.

Then we got to learn certain things that the community does, or makes for a living. Our family makes these special coconut candies. They were a type of coconut that is really small, and is orange. we went out to a field to pick them, and see how you pick the ripe ones. We brought back a really small bucket, I guess the lady who showed us how to do everything, usually carries a lot more everyday, and it is a long walk from her house.

They the coconuts are soaked in water, they had soaked some for us already, which was really nice. They you peel the skin off, since it cannot be used. And then all the fat, which is orange, and completely died our hands, is used to make the actually candy. The pits are what is left afterwards. The dough made from the fruit, is used to make popsicles and sweet doces (which are just candy). It was so good, and the ladies were laughing at us because we were so bad at making them, and worked so slow. granted they have been making these for a long time, but still we were struggling quite a bit.

Then we got to go to another house, and learned how to make mats (mattresses) that are made with string and leaves. The leaves are long branches, that are weaved together to make these mats. I cannot imagine they would be too comfortable,  but I guess if you put them on the cold concrete on a really hot day, they are wonderful and help soak up the cold. It was a pretty cool skill to learn regardless.

At the end of the day they made us delicious juice, and cake! So good! and talked about our experience and all the things we learned before heading out. It was a wonderful day, and made me want to learn all I could about how they live and what they do, and really excited to go live in Remanso.

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