Monday, October 15, 2012

E Tempo de viver o sonho

Time to live your dreams, this weekend was so much fun, and truly seemed dreamlike. I went to Arembepe with some of my friends all day friday and we went to a hippie village that is located there. It is apparently pretty famous because it is where some big celebrities used to go all the time to get away, like janis Joplin. Anyhow it was gorgeous and all the people were so nice and welcoming and wonderful. It didn't seem like reality. There was lots of really cool art, the beach was close, and my friends who stayed the night even ended up camping one night.

On the beach there there is also a project to save the turtles and educate the community on what harms them and what doesn't. It was a lot of fun to walk through and see all the different kinds of turtles. It reminded me of being home schooled again and going on family adventures to different places always learning along the way.

Next I made it home to my family and we headed out the the island, Ihlia and spent the weekend with my whole brazilian family. It was so much fun, because I understand way more portuguese than I did before and my whole family was so excited to have conversations with me and tell me all sorts of things. They are all so cute, although I almost exploded from all the food I had to eat! haha I also have been getting along really well with my host sister and she was telling me all about the rocks in the sea, and the different types of seaweed, we played for about two hours in the water. And she did my hair the next day, she combed out all the tangles from my very sea salty hair and gave me a nice braid, haha. She is such a sweet heart. Now it is monday however and the holiday is gone and it is back to school. I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend!

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