Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Casa de Samba


So I have still not finished posting about my amazing experience in Cachioera, it was just so much in such a short time span. My last thing though that was a lot of fun, was the day we spent in Cachioera. We walked along the really cool old city, where all the buildings are different colors and listened to a lecture on an old female group that bought and freed slaves in the city. They are a huge part of black empowerment here and there is a huge carnival where black power is celebrated, it was a really cool experience.

But one of the favorites was when we went to the house of samba and danced! We learned to samba, we were allowed to play the instruments and they were all just so welcoming. When you do Samba as well you dance your way out as you leave, so we danced while saying goodbye. It was so much fun to do with the whole group, and even though I am terrible, it was a great connection with everyone and everyone just let themselves be free!

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