Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Passada semana


So I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did. I got to do some different things and see more of the city, as well as get some good practice in of Portuguese. Friday night me and couple of girls from my program had a girls night, and had wine and watched "snow white and the huntsman" It was a good movie and fun to have and American type night. It was at Leah's house and her dad was so funny, he set up the movie for us and brought us so many snacks, and kept saying "Americana Noite!"

Saturday I got to go to the concert place again, Jamonman, where I had heard brazillian Jazz before. It was really nice to go again because it is different music each time. I also went with my friend Bri, and her host sister and two of her host sister's friends. so we were mostly only speaking Portuguese, which was cool, because I am getting more confident each day and realizing that I can actually converse with people. Afterwards Bri, Ariel and I headed to Rio Vermihlo for a friends birthday and just had a nice chill night.

Sunday Bri and I went bike riding in a different part of the city that I had never seen before. It was so much fun, we rented bikes for 10 dollars and got to ride a path for two hours. It was a park or preservation of some sort and it was like riding through the jungle, and there was water everywhere, it was gorgeous. Afterwards Bri's sister made us lunch and Bri and I did a little shopping. All in all, a pretty good weekend. now it is back to the school week and studying for Portuguese midterms. . .

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