Thursday, October 11, 2012

Com Leite?

So yesterday for Portuguese class me and my classmates went to Campo Grande and interviewed a Cafezihno He was a guy in his 30's who had been selling coffee for the past 25 years, he has been friends with our Portuguese professor for 20 years. It was fun because everyone here in Brazil is willing to open up about their whole life story and loves just talking and telling stories.  I couldn't understand everything, but what I got was still really interesting.

He has a wife and two kids, 17 and 9, who he supports through selling coffee. He carries around all the coffee that he makes in advance, and walks around Campo grande. He works about 12 hours a day, and returns home for lunch. He told us he sells around 150 cups per day, and by the time we saw him, at 11:00 that morning, he had already sold 90 cups. He gave us all some and I had my first whole cup of coffee, with milk (Com leite). Brazilians also really love their sweets, so there was a lot of sugar in it, and it wasn't too bad, I ended up having two cups. Here though they do not have big cups like they do in the US, so it was two little tiny cups.

He told us that he came to Salvador when he was 11 years old alone. He has 10 siblings, I believe that all live around here. he had the opportunity to go to university but he wanted to work instead. He loves all his regular customers and meeting and talking to people. It was also fun because we had time for him to ask us questions as well. He asked us all if we had boyfriends (we are all girls) and whether we wanted to work or start a family. He also wanted to know if we missed home and what we liked most about Brazil. It was a very cool experience and I am sure it was the first of many conversations and interviews to come.

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