Monday, October 1, 2012


Beiju, as Emily and I found out on arrival at our new home stay, is very delicious snack that was then fed to us at every meal. It is made out of a corn flour, flavoring is added, such as coconut, or juice and then it is baked. It has a funky but good taste and is kind of like a cracker. We got to go to the house of fehrinha, which is basically the house of flour, where they make the beiju. It was a very cool experience, we got to see and talk to the woman that make it, and they even let us participate in the experience. I got to cut the beiju into little pieces on the oven. First they flavor the flour, and mix it, after they sift through all of it and then bake it. It was a fun process to watch and then of course they had tons of beiju for us to eat! And they made us this hot drink that contained coconut and cloves and some other spices, it was like rice pudding, yum it was so good!

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