Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

I hope all of you are enjoying some nice cool weather that is mosquito free! haha I wish I was mosquito free, but I don't mind the warm weather, it is perfect for the beach! which is gorgeous here, so calm and blue. It is getting hotter here as it gets colder where you all are because we are going further into summer, so strange to me, I don't think I would ever be able to get used to that. I was drawing last night and it was all trees, my host mom was like, "these are so different from the ones here" I guess I am homesick, or some oaks. Although I will miss being able to walk down the street and order a coconut to drink and eat.

So my week has been pretty boring I have been writing all week! And I finally came out with my rough draft, but all my information is down. So that is really exciting, but I can still not believe how much time has passed and that soon I will be heading back to Salvador and giving a presentation on my research. It has been so much fun conducting this research and I have learned so much, it will be sad to see it go, but I will always have the memories.

This week I learned how to braid the way my host grandfather does, to make the headdresses they wear here. He saw me braiding with three strands, and said "That is for hair, you need to use four" and then we made a headdress together. He is pretty cool, I don't understand him most of the time, but he loves talking about the differences between the US and here. Always asks me about Biology and is showing me plants.

The other day he dressed me and his four year old granddaughter Lana in a headdresses, he wanted pictures of the gringa! haha we got some good ones. It was all really funny, but resulted in my grandma picking cashew fruit for me and Lana and making juice! as well as eating the very juicy fruit, I got juice everywhere. Always fun new adventures here.

Hope you all are enjoying the first day of December!